Monday, October 6, 2008


19 meals, three broken bowls, waffles, apple bread, 32 large cookies and three days later...I'm not even close to being done. I still have 20 more pounds of chicken in the fridge. Both older boys have helped in the last couple of days to get meals prepared. Sam spent an hour cooking 4lbs of chicken on our little goerge foreman grill and cutting it all into bite size pieces. I would not have gotten nearly as much done today without his help! The nice thing about my kids helping (other than they are really, really helpful) is I get to talk to them one on one. That's nice! I like that!

I really like the new cookbook! We had chicken potpie tonight without the crust, so it was really just soup, but it was so good! Just the right amount of salt and nice and thick for cold, rainy days, just like today. Everyone ate dinner tonight, which just doesn't happen all that often anymore, so two thumbs up!! I'm glad I made a double batch to freeze. While we were eating, Super S said he hoped that this was one of the worst recipes in the book, that way we will be eating really, really good dinners for the rest of the month.

We actually used the recipe for tacos Saturday night and again everyone ate dinner without complaining. I think I've found our family's new favorite cookbook. It only took how many years?Glad I bought it.

Sorry, no pictures of the meal making or the dinner. I'm sure most of you know what those two things look like anyway. :)

Gotta go plan my day and rest up for schooling and meal making. Wish me luck. It's too bad I'm not Super Woman! Then I could do it all before the meat starts to go bad.


David Roessner said...

Sarah you are a super mom, and I love you sooooooo much.
Thanks for sharing.

cjoy said...

What cookbook was it?

Sounds like fun times in your house! :)