Friday, October 17, 2008

3 month supply

For a while now, I've been trying to gather items for our short and long term food storage.(I'm not doing a very good job. We seem to go through our storage quite quickly.) I found this really great site called Preparedness Matters. It has recipes for food storage items and talks about how important it is to be prepared for life's temporal challenges. I've been checking the site every couple of days and have never been disappointed with the ingenuity of the recipes, like just a couple of days ago a recipe for chocolate chip cookies with white beans was posted. It looks like the white beans is a substitute for shortening. REALLY? Amazing! Did you know you could can butter?? Me neither. Lot's of helpful information on that site!

Well, today I was visiting and saw this link. You have to go and take a look!! Not only can you use it to help gather your 3 month food storage (which is what it's designed for) but you can also use it for a grocery shopping list and to list the price you usually pay for the items so you can get the best deal. It keeps track of the things you have and what you need to buy, your menu and the ingredients. You really have to check it out!!! AND IT"S FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! Did you hear me?? FREE!! It's ingenious! Be sure to watch the tutorial.

So I haven't yet checked out the rest of the site, but I will check it out tonight after I put the kids to bed.

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