Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's October!

Yes, I know it's been that way for a while, but now it truly feels like October. The kindergartners have taken their annual trip to the pumpkin farm today.

The boys and I met up with Super L on her field trip and watched her get lost in the hay maze, had a hay ride, and watched as she picked out the perfect pumpkin. She found the pumpkin in less then three minutes. Pretty fast! Both Super S, and A took f o r e v e r to find their perfect pumpkins when they were in kindergarten.

Only Super L was able to get a pumpkin today. We have a planned date and time for our next family trip to the pumpkin farm and on that day we will all get pumpkins for carving.

Regarding the last post, The boys had absolutely no help coming up with their movie idea. Super S has been thinking about the skit for about a week and a half. We had no idea what it was about until they actually did it. Super Dad did the video while I went on errands. I just about died when I came home from errands and watched the part of the clip where economy eats the $700 billion. Super Dad and I now go around the house saying,"economy, economy...."


sarah said...

Looks like a fun day!
I picked all but three of my pumpkins over the weekend. I grew three giant pumpkins and six regular ones. Only two of the regular ones are orange....

dcroessner said...

Very nice pumpkin, Super L you are the best