Thursday, October 30, 2008

Craig's List Couch

Here is what the CL ad said:

Ethan Allen Hide-a-bed couch, green.
Not ugly! No stains or holes. Mattress in good condition.

So if there are no holes in this couch just what do you call the lack of fabric on the cushions and right inside arm? Hmmmm...

We bought it anyway. It's not my ideal couch, but it is a sturdy and I don't know if any of you realize, but it is really, really hard to find small couches. This one is 69" and fits perfect in our tiny house. It's about 10 year old and smells like old cushion foam. The smell was undetectable at the house we bought it at, but at our house, when you are sitting on the couch it can be a little overwhelming.

So it is a little old fashioned. I'm not sure if I like the "wing chair" look, (the kids love this look and think it's the best part of the couch) but it's growing on me, kind-of. I found a couch on the internet exactly like this where the owner pried off the wing things and changed the shape of the arms to a more modern look. It looked pretty good. I kind of like the small arms so I don't think I'll change that, but I am thinking since I need to take off the back foam (remember it stinks) I'm thinking I'll change the back to loose cushions.

My second idea is to still remove the wing things, but instead of making loose pillows keeping the back flatish like it is now.

My third idea is to leave the wing things (since the kids love them) and .....haven't gotten that far yet.

One thing I love about this couch is the bottom cushions don't move. Since we put it in the living room Sat. night we haven't had to touch the cushions! I'm wondering if I do put loose cushions on the couch if this will affect that, but I doubt it will because I'm thinking the reason they don't move is because the foam is a tight fit.

I think eventually I'll replace the mattress. The guy told me in one of the e-mails that the mattress hadn't been used more than 10 times. WRONG!!!!! It has been more than that by evidence of the extra egg cart mattress added to the mattress and sheet and pillow stuffed in there. I wonder if he was just a clueless husband or a liar trying to offload this couch.

Anyway, that is neither here nor there because I bought the couch. (size, size, size and hide-a-bed meant everything to me.)

So opinions please. Should I keep the old fashioned look? (It will be harder to slipcover and I'm not sure I'm totally up for that) or should I pry of the wings (and go the easy route) and make it look a bit more modern? I will be replacing the bottom cushions no matter what. (One or two bottom cushions?)
Oh yeah, Even though I'll be taking the couch apart I won't really be reupholstering it, I'll probably staple on muslin to keep everything in place and slip a slipcover over top it.

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Spencer said...

Nice couch. Did they have a dog or just a toddler that decided to gnaw on the edge of the couch? Either way, I'm with you... maybe the guy was looking at the back of the couch when he said there were no holes etc.

Okay, your brother's opinion probably doesn't count for much but I think that you should leave the arms on... I like them. Also, I would go with the two cushion approach. I think that if you just use one then the middle will REALLY start to dip after a few years. Having two cushions with edges etc. will provide a little more support. I like the idea of the micro suede but I'm not sure if you could make a skirt out of that material. Our suede couch doesn't have a skirt and I think it looks great. Anyway, I just thought that I would throw in my two cents. Good luck with the couch! I think that it will look really nice when you re-cover it. By the way, maybe you should invest in an economy size bottle of febreeze. That stuff really does work miracles :o)