Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It was supposed to be windy all week, but around 11:00am Super A came running into the bedroom, where Super Dad was studying, to tell him there wasn't any wind outside. So off we went about an hour later to shoot rockets.

Everybody, but Super Mom, took the long walk with Dad out to the launch pad.

There was much stuffing of wadding and parachutes, "me turn"s,

showing off of rockets,

and exciting moments!

Friday, December 26, 2008


We are amazed at the things Joshua can do. For a child who 's supposed to have some mental retardation and some kind of cerebral palsy, this kid is amazing! The only real concerns we've had is his speech. He is an extremely quiet kid. He's been in speech therapy for a while and is progressing slowly. This week though he has exploded with sentences. We still have to listen really hard to know what he's saying, but hey...progress. We thought you'd like a video of him. Right before this video he was singing about how his hoo hoo hrain (choo choo train) was ready to go. He loves to sing! We are truely the luckiest family on earth!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas!
We had a great time! Everyone got what they wanted (or what Santa knew they wanted even though they asked for different stuff).

Super Dad and I noticed this summer that Super S' bike was getting a bit too small (they seem to grow all of sudden, don't they). So, Santa got him a cool bike! His old bike will be passed down to his younger brother.

(almost all the presents under this tree where handmade or sent by my Mom!!! She filled our tree!)

Super S and A both received these cool robots from Grandpa!

Super A has never asked for anything for Christmas before. This year he asked for a slingshot. Santa happily brought him one with instructions to talk with his parents for the safety precautions. Sorry, no picture of that Super A can be a little hard to pin down.

Mom, do you see in the picture they're wearing the pin holders? They've been wearing them all day. They really look nice and we are so sad we won't be using them at Disney World next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Santa knew Grandpa was bringing Super L a beautiful american girl doll and made her matching pajamas and skirt for Christmas.

She also received a beautiful handmade dress from my mom. When she pulled it out of the box I almost lost my breath. I knew it would be a pretty dress, but this is gorgeous in person!!

The details are incredible!! You should see the sleeves on this dress... and the underskirt! I'll have to take a closer picture! Really Mom, you've out down yourself!!!

If you're wondering what's all over Super J's face, he had a healthy dose of chocolate for a before breakfast snack.

Super J has been coveting his older siblings back-packs. He has been having hard time learning how to talk, but one of the words he found important to say is back-pack. So, Santa brought him Disney Cars back-pack.

He loves it! He also got this great cars blanket that he immediately wanted to wear.

He also got couple of small cars and some Thomas the Train DVDs. He loves trains and calls them hoo hoo hrains. We are so glad to hear his voice!! So anything that makes him talk excites us!

Super S and A weren't as excited about getting clothes for Christmas as Super L, but Super J after opening up the clothes Grandma sent jumped up and proudy showed us his clothes that were exactly like his big brothers! I think this picture says it all!

So those were the highlights of our Christmas. We spent the rest of the day with dear friends who we forgot to take pictures of, and Grandpa.

We missed the rest of our family though and hope to see everyone soon!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hey Mom...

They love them!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I woke up at 6 this morning to Super A throwing-up. If Super A had one power it would be the power to throw-up on everything. His bed, the floor,his brother's bed, sheets, blankets, the other side of his room, under his bed, on the ladder and railing from his bunkbed. He did all of this while being in one spot. He did not even try to get to the toliet. He did not even move from the top of his bed. It's truly amazing.

While cleaning up the floor, ladder, railing, etc. I hear Super L yelling from the next room, "I saw a mouse, I saw a mouse. It touched me AAAAAHHHHHH" She comes running into her brother's room screaming there was a mouse.

What ensued next was/is a mad frenzy of getting rid and cleaning up a bunch of stuff. I even heard mention that parents may be so stressed out that Christmas may be cancelled. (Super Dad explaining to Super S why he should help clean up) Hah!!! As if! I didn't stay home from Disney World just to have Christmas cancelled, (athough we have one mnore person who hasn't had the flu yet so maybe Christmas will have to be postponed....NAAHHH). (I have been trying to get rid of stuff for a long time, but my time is split between homeschool, housework, RS, dinner, lunch, breakfast, and appointments for Joshua, so sometimes tryng to clean up and get rid of the extra stuff in this tiny house is a bit frustrating.)

Yes I love the holidays.... (okay, I really do love the holidays but....good grief).

Monday, December 22, 2008


I've been wanting to tat for a while, but the using an embroidery needle was a little painful. My MIL gave me a VISA gift card for my birthday that I spent half on my anniversary and half on tatting needles. I'm pretty excited. I got an assortment of sizes. I'm not sure when they'll show up.

I've been wanting to recreate a table runner that my Great Grandmother made that has tatting around it and now I'll be able to do that. YEA!!

Thanks Mom!! (Thanks to my Mom to!!! I bought a white shirt to go out in on my Anniversary and still have a little leftover...I'll probably buy the rest of the materials for my runner project). I'm so excited!

Still Snowing

The title says it all. Still snowing. We're going to try to get out today and do some last min. shopping, and get to fed-ex, but I don't know if we'll make it.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I thought you all would like to see what it looks like where we are. Now, keep in mind that we rarely get this much snow.

Church was canceled, so Super Dad took this opportunity to take the kids out and play. (They couldn't go out previously due to the flu). There was a 1/2" of ice over all the snow. So no snowman.

Here's Super Dad

Here's Super J. We can never find matching gloves at our house, thus one blue and one pink.

I told him to put on a coat, but he may be a little warm from the three pair of pants that he's wearing to keep dry.

She wishes we had a good climbing tree.

Super J came in a little earlier than everyone else due to cold hands.

He really likes hot Chocolate. Pure Joy!

Super S came in next. He's showing his cold hands. He has a special treat for you guys a little later so check back in, in a couple of hours or tomorrow.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Being Released

Last Sunday the Stake Pres. announced that the three wards in our building are going to be switched around. The Relief Society President from our ward is moving over to a different ward, which means I'll probably be released from my calling as first counselor (in charge of teachers and the Sunday lessons). I'm happy and sad about this. Happy 'cause I hate meetings, and calling people and stuff like that, and sad because I just got some really great training and learned what I was really supposed to be doing. Super Dad keeps telling me I haven't been released yet so I should stop worrying about it. (Yep, just call me a whiner).

So what about that drawing class? Haven't even looked into it.
So, how's that for all that whining I did a couple of weeks ago?

Now I'm off to finish the white elephant gifts for my MIL Christmas party.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Robot Business

Super A and Super S are thinking about going into a robot building business. This is how it works. You buy the accessories and then pay them how much it costs to build it. If it doesn't work they keep give you all your money back except a quarter or they build it until it works. And if you tell them how to build it they will build it for you are pay you for your robot plans.

-Told to me by Super A