Sunday, December 21, 2008

I thought you all would like to see what it looks like where we are. Now, keep in mind that we rarely get this much snow.

Church was canceled, so Super Dad took this opportunity to take the kids out and play. (They couldn't go out previously due to the flu). There was a 1/2" of ice over all the snow. So no snowman.

Here's Super Dad

Here's Super J. We can never find matching gloves at our house, thus one blue and one pink.

I told him to put on a coat, but he may be a little warm from the three pair of pants that he's wearing to keep dry.

She wishes we had a good climbing tree.

Super J came in a little earlier than everyone else due to cold hands.

He really likes hot Chocolate. Pure Joy!

Super S came in next. He's showing his cold hands. He has a special treat for you guys a little later so check back in, in a couple of hours or tomorrow.

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