Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas!
We had a great time! Everyone got what they wanted (or what Santa knew they wanted even though they asked for different stuff).

Super Dad and I noticed this summer that Super S' bike was getting a bit too small (they seem to grow all of sudden, don't they). So, Santa got him a cool bike! His old bike will be passed down to his younger brother.

(almost all the presents under this tree where handmade or sent by my Mom!!! She filled our tree!)

Super S and A both received these cool robots from Grandpa!

Super A has never asked for anything for Christmas before. This year he asked for a slingshot. Santa happily brought him one with instructions to talk with his parents for the safety precautions. Sorry, no picture of that Super A can be a little hard to pin down.

Mom, do you see in the picture they're wearing the pin holders? They've been wearing them all day. They really look nice and we are so sad we won't be using them at Disney World next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Santa knew Grandpa was bringing Super L a beautiful american girl doll and made her matching pajamas and skirt for Christmas.

She also received a beautiful handmade dress from my mom. When she pulled it out of the box I almost lost my breath. I knew it would be a pretty dress, but this is gorgeous in person!!

The details are incredible!! You should see the sleeves on this dress... and the underskirt! I'll have to take a closer picture! Really Mom, you've out down yourself!!!

If you're wondering what's all over Super J's face, he had a healthy dose of chocolate for a before breakfast snack.

Super J has been coveting his older siblings back-packs. He has been having hard time learning how to talk, but one of the words he found important to say is back-pack. So, Santa brought him Disney Cars back-pack.

He loves it! He also got this great cars blanket that he immediately wanted to wear.

He also got couple of small cars and some Thomas the Train DVDs. He loves trains and calls them hoo hoo hrains. We are so glad to hear his voice!! So anything that makes him talk excites us!

Super S and A weren't as excited about getting clothes for Christmas as Super L, but Super J after opening up the clothes Grandma sent jumped up and proudy showed us his clothes that were exactly like his big brothers! I think this picture says it all!

So those were the highlights of our Christmas. We spent the rest of the day with dear friends who we forgot to take pictures of, and Grandpa.

We missed the rest of our family though and hope to see everyone soon!

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