Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goodwill Addict

After finding my new (to me) Kitchenaid, I've become a Goodwill Addict. I find the best kitchen stuff there. While others are worried about a Depression I keep spending money at a good clip at Goodwill. (I console myself by reminding myself that I've never been a shopper or a big spender.) I've decided I'm done now. I must never go in there again (at least for the next couple of months) Here's what I've found in the last week.

Crockpot $3.00.
I was sitting with too older women while they discussed slow cookers about a year ago. They praised their little old crockpots. They talked about how their food never tasted burnt and always came out tasting great. They had both had new crockpots in the last few years and ended up giving them to their daughter-in-laws, because thier food always tasted burnt. food always tastes burnt. Even though my big crockpot says it has a low and a high setting, I don't believe it. I think it only has one setting, high. So, for three buckaroos I got myself a little old crockpot. I made a roast with it yesterday. The roast turned out so-so, but I don't think it was the crockpots fault. This big 9lb. roast was mostly fat. It was soooooo fatty that I could feel my arteries clogging as I shredded it for bbq-ed beef. No kidding! As I was checking on the slowcooker, throughout the day it had liquid bubbling up out of it. This liquid turned out to be fat that solidified onto my counter as it cooled. Didn't taste burnt though so two thumbs up!

Pyrex bowels $6.00
I think I overspent. I was pretty sure these were a pair, but the girl rang them up separately, I should have said something, but come on I just got the deal of the century with the kitchenaid and thought I'd cut them some slack. (But that's the last time cutting slack.) I do like them and have needed some nice big bowls. We've used them almost everyday since I've bought them.

Colander $4.00
Again kind of a lot, but I have seen these nice strainers for a good amount retail. We really needed a nice big one. We have a yucky plastic one that loses quite a bit of spaghetti every time we use it for pasta . Another plus, I love the color!

I now have the colander and the bowls displayed on my garden window in the kitchen. I think they look pretty there. (A whole heck of a lot better than the dead fly I found while wiping it down in preparation for putting up something pretty!)

I would show you but I can't get the blogger picture thingy to pop up.

In other news there is no way I'll be getting the doll done for Super L's birthday, so I told her we would work on it in the coming months together. I do have the totally synthetic inside of the head made up. (Again I would show a pic. but blogger seems to be having a problem.) The kind of doll Super L and I want to make is similar to the waldorf dolls. Waldorf dolls are made out of all natural stuff, the inside is stuffed with wool and the outside is made from cotton knit. Do you know how hard it is to find wool?? Really hard, at least for me. I've checked craigslist and online. All the places I found would sell you the raw unwashed wool, which I take to mean, it would need to washed and carded before I could use it. I don't have a carder! Although my grandma does, or she used too, but she lives way across the country so that's a no go. Oh well, I suppose I'm okay with totally synthetic. I don't really have the money to spend on it anyway....*sigh* especially since I've spent almost every dime at Goodwill.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Super L and I were surfing the internet when we found these dolls. They are gorgeous!!! Lura wishes she could get one for her birthday, but since they cost about the same amount as two weeks of food she will not be getting one from us. Super L and I decided that I could try to make a similar doll, but that it would probably be her only birthday present since it will be a little expensive and time consuming. They are having a free drawing for the dolls, so sign up, all you friends and family who have girls.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Week at a Glance

Playing with and helping friends.
Eating a sandy dinner.
Very sandy.

Hoping no one, who passes by after we leave, has to go to the emergency room.
Trying to find shoes hidden away for safe keeping.
Who can forget the deal of the century? $17.99
Making cookies with Super L from a cookbook given to me by my mother a long time ago.
Making 54 english muffins.
Cooking, freezing and poking holes in them.
Climbing in
and out

Setting up camp, and camping.

And haircuts for all males in the family!

And many more things!
Whew....who knew it was such a busy week?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So this is the couch on craigslist that I love. I can't seem to get the image to copy so just press on the couch link. I'm wondering if they forgot that they posted the couch on craigslist or if they've already sold it. I've kind of shot them a bunch of e-mail saying I was interested, but nothing...

The couch is exactly what I've been looking for. It's the perfect colors and has a fold out bed. I hope they call or e-mail soon. even if it's to tell me they already sold it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Okay, so I just figured out how to look at my stats. It seems a lot more people have checked out my blog than I thought, but guess what....apparently I have the plague (or am the most boring blogger on Earth) because most new, who I do not know, people stay for less than 5 sec. That's right 5 sec... and never return. (Or haven't yet) How can that be? Did you just make a wrong turn somewhere in blogland? And you quickly had to turn around?? Don't you like to look at my cute children??? Don't you like to read about early morning newspaper routes and how we wash clothes by spraying them off in the backyard??? Or the deal of the century??? Or wait, all my grammatical errors and words forgot to delete?? Noooooo???!!!!

Well if that doesn't excite you, Super S has a real treat coming up. Bionicle stop animation,(Is that what it's called) hopefully it will also have something to do with Mudlantis. Surely, surely you can stay for like, let's randomly say...hmmm...7 sec. 'cause there's no way that the stop animation movie will be longer than that!!! So... stay for 6, or 7 sec next time, hopefully we'll have something more exciting for you.

Hope you all know I'm just kidding...ummm about everything. I'm not totally sure that we can get the stop animation to work and even if we did....really would it be any longer than 5 sec. :)

Feel free to comment..or not. (Thanks Becky in advance. You know, for commenting. :) )

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls

I found the best cinnamon roll recipe through blogland a couple of months ago. It's here at TheLittle Red Hen. They are soooo good. I try to remember to substitute a cup or two of whole wheat flour for the white so it's not too sweet. When you do that, you need to reduce the amount of flour you put in because whole wheat tends to be a bit heavier than white flour.

My SIL came tody and I showed her how to make the dough for this recipe. Bread is fairly easy to make, but it seems that there is a little bit of a learning curve. I'm a little bummed (although so glad she'll be able to enjoy bread whenever she wants) because I was just thinking this morning that I would bring cinnamon rolls to our next Christmas party for the white elephant game we play. (Don't worry Sarah, I'll figure something else just as good...maybe not just as good, but okay:) ) Any good ideas?

Oh, also I'm trying to get my SIL to do a once a month cooking marathon with me with this program. I was surfing blogs when I found this mom's blog. Her food looked so good. I e-mailed to make sure that this is where her recipes came from. Most of them did, but she did say that she found some on her own. I've looked at this site several times, and thought about buying the book, but worried that it might not be that good. (I've read a couple of OMC books and haven't really been impressed. One in particular was difficult to sift through the information and the food was not really all that good. For a little while I just did it myself with the information I learned from the different books, but it's been a looooong couple of years and I just want someone to have everything figured out for me.) I may have to bribe my SIL with reusable grocery bags or....Hmmmm.... I know I have a great pattern for a doggie bed. You love your dog don't you???!!.... ;)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I never get good thrifting deals! (I think it might have something to do with never going thrifting. but whatever.) Lately I've been trying to get ready for potty training and as I do not want to pay big bucks getting potty training stuff for last baby, I've been going into Goodwill quite a bit. The first time I went in to find a potty chair Super L and I walked out of there with a whole set of Mary Englebrights "Afternoon Tea" dishware. $15.00. 8 of everthing!! 8 dinner plates, 8 tea cups, 8 saucers, 8 dessert plates and 8 nice size bowls. We picked it up thinking we'd use it for her birthday party, and any other fancy party she wants for the next 10 years. No potty chair. Went to Walmart and bought one.

Today we went in to find a baby that pees. We came out with a Hobart made Kitchenaid. I can here you all gasp now...Noooo. Yes! I even plugged it in to make sure it works. How much did I pay??? Can you guess??? $100.00.....lower. $50.00.....lower. Lower.... $17.99....*gasp* I know!!!
I even plugged it in to make sure it worked. It did. It had the bowl the whip and the bread hook. The pee doll was totally forgotten. I see a Walmart run in my future. *sigh*

I scrubbed it down with soft scrub to get off all that brown stuff that old appliances seem to accumulate, but other than that it looks pretty good!!! Everything else is in the wash and when it's done I'll take it for a test run!!

Oh yea....I sooo scored!!! We'll see what Super Dad thinks. We are on a pretty tight budget. Any good Kitchenaid recipes???


I learned how to needle tat a couple of months ago. It is not that hard. I really enjoyed it! It takes a special needle that is almost like a sewing needle, but for two major differences. 1. the needle is the same size all the way across, meaning it doesn't increase in diameter towards the eye of the needle. 2. It is dull where a sewing needle is sharp.

I just used a regular embroidery needle to tat. It really hurt! I kept poking my fingers and sticking the needle up through the skin of my finger. I didn't make anything huge just a little ring with picot edge. I would have made something bigger if it wasn't for that sharp point.

I'd show my work, but have no idea where I put it.

I've looked for tatting needles in all the regular places, you know Joann's. Michael's. That's about it for the craft stores here. I have looked online, but shipping seemed to cost more than then the needles. (Can anyone bring themselves to pay more in shipping than they do for the actual product???)
So here I sit, while I could be tatting, well not really..... I have kids coughing over everything, undone dishes from quickly going to the beach last night and not cleaning up, sand everywhere, laundry needs to be folded and 2 two year olds fighting and crying over what the other has. So, no I wouldn't be tatting right now. Oh yeah, I need to make or go buy a wedding present, and make a nursing cover to hand over to the head of the Super Saturday commitee for a class I'm teaching in Oct. Nope wouldn't be tatting today. Maybe I'll quickly get the kids dressed and go garage saling. Yeah, I have time to do that.......

Friday, September 12, 2008

Too many titles to post

I have a lot of pictures to share, lots of things to catch up with, but first things first. This is what happens when you are to tired to deal with tired whiny children at dinner time, I didn't get a picture of the actual children playing in the mud. (I should have.) There was mud everywhere!!!!! (What was I thinking?)

Second, do you think her mom will be adverse to me bleaching the pink shirt? I did prerinse, see?
I just don't think the mud will come out.
Third, how do you get blackberry stains out of super cute (super expensive) gap pants?

In my defense how was I supposed to know she'd vehemently spit it out and wipe it on her pants?

Two year olds are soooo unpredictable!

Super L's first day of school was a couple of days ago. She didn't want me to take her to school, she wanted to ride the bus.
Here she is getting onto the bus. The shirt she is wearing is so cool!! She picked it out while school shopping with Grandma. I'm not sure if you can see it, but it has a horse on it.

Lastly we spent Labor Day at Ape Caves near Mt. Saint Helen. I was still struggling with migrianes, but luckily the 4-5 extra strength gel tylenol every couple of hours helped quite a bit. (Anyone know if you can overdose on tylenol, 'cause 1or 2 is just not going to work!)

So, look at this. Our friends had picnicked here before. Near the picnic area were lots of these little caves.

There was a cool little path that lead to this cool little cave that you could go down into and come out about 15 or so yards away. It was really dark! And a little scary. We all went through. Super S went through first and then Super A. I got in there and thought,"O MY GOSH I can't see a thing!!! There is no way I can crawl through here! And then I saw a little pen light. Super Dad was sitting toward the middle shining a little light and taking pictures of the kids as they went through.
(Sorry for the strange layout of pictures. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get the pictures where I want them. I thought getting the pictures up at this moment was more important than getting it perfect.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sassy Apron Swap Received

Look at the super cute apron I received from Nichole , It has snowmen pockets with a purple twirly fabric for the apron on one side and twirly purple pockets and snowmen fabric for the apron on the other. How cool is that? I love this Apron!!! I'd like to know how Nichole knew that my house, after November, is full of snowmen, and how did she know that I've had this exact pattern in and out of internet carts for the past 6-7 months (maybe longer, I really love this pattern!!!At least I think it's the same pattern,, Is it the Scalloped Apron Pattern? ) How lucky am I??? I am soooo lucky!!

Nichole, I love this apron!! Super L (my little girl) Thought it only fair that if I got the apron she should have the potholder, no deal, she then said that we could share the potholder, that sometimes she could use it and sometimes I could....hmmm... I could do that. (She's not allowed in the oven, by the way). You did such a nice job! I love it!! And will be using it alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank-you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) If you haven't received your apron I hope you get it soon!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sassy Apron Swap Done!

Finally done!! I sent the apron off today. Sorry no pictures. I sent my camera to the hospital so a friend of mine could make sure she had pictures of her baby before they sent the baby up to Children's Hospital. That's a whole different story. I have had a terrible time getting the swap done. I had most of the apron done by the last week in August, but that last week I spent with nauseating, dizzy migriane. I didn't get anything done that week. We did go up to Ape caves on Sat. and had a wonderful time, but I did wonder throughout the trip if there was a way to overdose on tylonel. Anyone know. How many tylonel to you have to take to overdose, 'cause there is no way that just two or even three will kill my migraine. And again, life is just one thing after another. I e-mailed Lucy, the girl in charge of the swap, telling her I would have my swap done and sent by Sept.3, the 4 by the latest, did it happen, because I have had a million things pop up that needed immediate attention. Things like taking my friend's little girl, or making sure that a friend of mine who has been in and out of the hospital and needs a little bit of support is okay and has doctors appt. and will be getting meds changed or visiting with my friend from Hawaii who is visiting her parents for a couple of days, or ...yes the list actually goes on, but you probably don't want to read about it. I don't really want to think about it, because I am DONE with the APRON!!!

I hope my swap partner likes it...I hope it fits, I'm a little worried. I think it will fit, but then I start to worry again. I totally made a mess of her package. I was trying to hurry before 12, because I knew if it didn't get it sent before that I wouldn't be able to send it until Monday. So I was hurrying and wrote her last name down wrong. The recipe that I was supposed to send fell out of the package and I found it after getting back from the post office on my front porch. At this point I'm hoping I sent it to the right address. I meant to send little treats for her kids or at least little baby stuff for her cute little twin baby girls, but no it just wasn't happening, nope, nope, nope, nope. And I couldn't wait till I had a moment, because really I have two extra kids now and I'll have another in just a little bit and there is no way that I'm taking two children under three (and all my other ones) anywhere...just how old do you think I am? I'm not a young mother anymore, I'm ooooollllllddddd and can't remember how you take lots of toddler children anywhere. So all that to say "Patricia I'm still really, really, really, sorry!!! If my world were perfect (not even perfect just less hectic) at the moment I would have soooo added cute stuff to your package and your apron and potholder would so not have had so many mistakes...please trust me on this, and don't go looking for the mistakes, because yes they are there.

I'm done, thanks for listening...