Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Mom. Happy Birthday to you!!!!! And many more.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Smoking, Whisky and Wild Wild Women

Friday night the boys had a couple of their buddies over for games and a movie. They decided to watch an old Pink Panther movie on netflix. We love netflix and have, at the moment, the Muppet Show with Peter Seller. We thought we would watch the Muppet Show first as a "short" before the real movie. Well....guess what Peter Sellers sings about, any of you remember? Watch this and you'll know what I was feeling when I turned and looked at the boys who were watching intently. Yep, cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women. Do you think anyone's parents will let them come back?

Full of Advice Friday (only on Sunday)

Do not feed the mice. (You know, like don't feed the bears).

Friday, February 6, 2009

Full of Advice Friday

I have lots of good advice,(or so I think.) And since I have so much of it I think I'll share.

My first bit of advice comes from years of having kids that wear socks. You should make sure that all of your socks are the same no matter if you have a girl or boy. For example I just buy the Hanes (not affiliated) white crew socks....for everyone. This way even if your washer and dryer eats one or two socks, or your kids have half of them hiding under their beds or covers it won't matter, you'll still be able to pull similar socks out of the basket, that you meant to fold and put away, the first couple of tries. It doesn't matter so much if it's the same size as long as you can get it on the foot and the child is wearing long pants.

Now sometimes a pair or two of socks will slip through your door and be different than the white crew socks. Maybe it has pink butterflies or Thomas the Tank Engine, (again not affiliated). This happens and is no fault of your own. (Here we blame the Grandparents who love their grandchildren so much that they even want to bring them joy through socks). No need to worry you can still quickly pull socks from the basket all you need is a pair of these.

Boots. Yep boots. Kids love boots and moms should too. These babies hide a multitude of, unmatching sock, sin. So every child should have one pair of boots, that fit, at all times.

That's my advice for today. Stay tuned next week when I disperse even more mom wisdom to the masses.

Edited: I had every intention of posting this last Friday, but couldn't find my camera to take a picture of the boots. I still can't find the camera, I did, however just learn how to edit the size of the pictures.