Thursday, November 27, 2008


In the spring leaves
Will bud with
Pretty flowers all in bloom.
A tree is pretty
In the spring.

It is summer. Leaves
Are green, fruits are
Nesting, bees
are buzzing tree to tree.

It is fall and leaves
are brown and
orange and red. Birds are
leaving from
from their nest.

Winter comes. The trees
are bare.
They are now sleeping
Waiting for the spring.

My Bike
My bike is red
It's tires are black.
I like to use it
It goes fast

My brother's bike
Is shiny blue.
He uses it
To go fast too.

My sister's bike
Is pink and white.
She likes to ride
In the light

The Grass
The grass is green
It goes woosh
And blows in the wind.
Then later
In the summer
The grass is brown.

Super S sat and wrote these poems at the dining room table, one morning this week, trying to stall starting on schoolwork. Pretty Good for just wasting time.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I want to know everything

Yesterday I taught a lesson on education and learning. I realized once again that I want to know how to do everything. I find it incredibly frustrating that I don''t have time to do it all. I find it frustrating that when I do have the time I am too exhausted to do anything. I see many women on the internet who are doing all the things I want to do and wonder how they can do it all? I am extremely jealous.

I've been studying how to be an effective teacher and one of the things I've learned is you should decide what you want your students to learn/feel/or do after the lesson. As a teacher, you must have a goal for your students and anything that does not support your goal should be nixed for ideas that will support your goal.

My first thought is to apply this principle, the principle of setting a goal and nixing anything that would not propel me towards my goal. Unfortunately, I live in a world where small people depend on me for almost everything. I am the center of their universe. My decisions affect their lives. Have I missed my chance for growth? Or is my growth intertwined with the growth of my children?

While it is true that my growth is intertwined in helping them grow and learn, I think that God expects us to keep learning about the world around us. He expects us to learn new skills that benefit not only us, but the community around us. I don't think the skills that we want to learn at the moment are always the skills that the Lord needs us to learn for the best benefit of ourselves or those around us. So, that leads me to this place. Right now I should focus on becoming a good teacher, to lead the teachers that I am responsible for and helping them to be the best teachers they can be.

I should stop pining over things I don't have time for, knowing that I will get back to those skills when the time is right. (Or should I try to fit them in 5 min. here 10 min. there?)

I do plan on taking a drawing class at a local community college in about a year and a half. I think I might have a spare evening then.