Thursday, November 27, 2008


In the spring leaves
Will bud with
Pretty flowers all in bloom.
A tree is pretty
In the spring.

It is summer. Leaves
Are green, fruits are
Nesting, bees
are buzzing tree to tree.

It is fall and leaves
are brown and
orange and red. Birds are
leaving from
from their nest.

Winter comes. The trees
are bare.
They are now sleeping
Waiting for the spring.

My Bike
My bike is red
It's tires are black.
I like to use it
It goes fast

My brother's bike
Is shiny blue.
He uses it
To go fast too.

My sister's bike
Is pink and white.
She likes to ride
In the light

The Grass
The grass is green
It goes woosh
And blows in the wind.
Then later
In the summer
The grass is brown.

Super S sat and wrote these poems at the dining room table, one morning this week, trying to stall starting on schoolwork. Pretty Good for just wasting time.

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jimbo said...

Super S' poems are outstanding!