Monday, January 28, 2008

Drip, Drop, PLOP

This is the sound of snow where we live! We got a little snow on Monday. Super S and Super A did their best to build a snow fort. It ended up being four inches high and maybe six inches across. You know how in your childhood things always seemed bigger and better than they are now....well... I think in this case my snow forts really were bigger and better. :) My snowmen were bigger too, although I think this tiny snowman, which is supposed to be a replica of super J might be better than what I built when I was little!

1st installment of Super S work of fiction

Chapter 1

The Archway

Sam was normal kid, just like an one else. They (he and his family) lived in Wash’a’ton state. Every year they visited the Bock Choy Mountains. Sam was a tall and skinny ten year old, who loved science. He was a nice person but had an extra short fuse (the size of a baby mouse). “We’re almost there, guys” said mom on the way to MT. Cheddar. Mary had stayed at home. They came to an archway. On it was engraved; death to all who come.; this was a very strange greeting. After going thru, Sam felt like he was being watched. All the time. Even when he was in the tent getting dressed for bed!


This new creature has strange habits, thought Kingfoot, I think I’ll eat it.


Sam loved to go camping, because he loved to look at rocks. Big rocks, little rocks, purple rocks blue rocks, it didn’t matter he just liked to look at rocks. During the day Sam had collected some rocks. He had found one extremely strange rock shaped like a toe nail. He couldn’t figure out what kind of rock it was, but he was pretty sure it was metamorphic. Even as he sat looking at his rocks the feeling that he was being watched would not leave him alone.

At times he even felt hot breath on the back of his neck, as if he was about to be eaten. That always ended in cries like, “Hey look! Big Foot’s about to eat that kid!” or “Look out! Big foot’s right behind you.”

One time Sam felt like someone was going to crush his head and then eat him. Luckily someone shouted, “Hey something big brown and furry is about to crush your head and then eat you!”

That was another kid who was out camping with his parents. His name was, Gorgonzola, an unfortunate name to be sure. The other kids just called him Cheeseball, for short. Sam thought this was quite a funny name too, but Gorgonzola wished people would just call him, Gonzo. Sam usually called him Gonzo.

“Grr” Sam heard a growl from the top of the mountain “let’s investigate” Sam told Gonzo “I’m not so sure, it looks like it’s coming to investigate us” the two boys raced down the mountain until they came to a cave. When they got inside, they heard an unfamiliar voice “arrrrrrrrrrgh I can’t even remember my own riddle I’m blue white dots! WHAT IS THE ANWSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” “Er I think the answer is the sky.” said Sam. The voice said, “Oh thank you. My name is Sphinx the 3,769th. What’s yours” Sphinx stepped out of the darkness. “My name is Sam,” said Sam, “and this is Gonzo.” “Come sit down, wait a minute, you just answered my riddle! Let’s see, are you on a guest? I mean quest?” “Umm no” said Sam “But we are looking” BANG BOOM BAM BOOSH “for what’s making that n” BONK “oise.” KABLAM the cave shut.


“It’s f-f-f-f-reezing!” said general Smellybelly of the Bigfootainain army. K-K-K-KOO KOO “I-i-i-i-i-i-i-it’s time te go” he said as the near frozen general

Left. Kingfoot was preparing.

Meanwhile, the FBI were interrogating Mr. Veratieus and his friend, Zarnack who spoke in poems. The head interrogator, who’s name was Flijkertewmlsufewenwen

Torfldenequnterflu Tingting, said “I am Ting that is what you call me, AND NO EXEPTIONS”

Stay tuned for the next installment....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Host

I thought I'd try a new host since I forgot the password for the old blog. I know, I can be such a flake about passwords and stuff. You'll have to tell me whether or not his one is better.

The Super kids are doing great! They were sad to hear of President Hinckly's death tonight. Super S was especially sad. We were glad for him though, 97 is quite old and he talked many times about missing his sweet wife.

The kids are excited about the family newspaper. So far, we have a comic from Super A, the first installment of a fiction peice from Super S, and artwork done by Super Lulu. I'll try to scan in Super A and Super L's work tomorrow.