Friday, March 13, 2009


Super J has been spending a lot of time here.

And our house is definitely starting to smell. We are running out of clothes because all I do is wash Super J's clothes.

We made these cool playdough cookies today. I was totally inspired from another blogger. I wish I could remember who that blogger was. If it was you feel free to say so! Here's the recipe.
Ours look nothing like the recipe's, but what we truly make with playdough (except for mine, I tried to make it look like the recipe, because that's how creative I am with playdough).

This pic. is of the stuff Super A made. The thing in front is a bow and arrow. The ball at the end of the arrow will explode into fire when it hit's it's target. The thing just behind the arrow is the guy that shoots the arrow. I don't know if it uses it's arms or legs for shooting.

Here are pictures taken after I put Super A in charge of taking pictures of the cookies.

That's pizza on her face. We had just eaten lunch.

The flour we used for the cookies.

Cookies going in. You can also see from this picture our top secret pizza sauce recipe. Shhh... and how often I clean the oven. Again shhhh...

I guess there was other stuff on the table? Oh wait, that's the floor.

A pot? Hmmm...that has nothing to do with the cookies.

And what the heck is this???? I didn't even know we owned something this shade of yellow! If you know what it is you win a prize!! But since your answer will be non-verifiable we won't actually be responsible for sending you a prize. Seriously though, don't let this stop you from guessing.

I am racking my brain as to what this is.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I found these two beautiful sweaters on Linky Thursday from StacySews. (Link to StacySews is no my sidebar). I would love t make them. They are gorgeous. I'm afraid, though, if I were to start making these beautiful sweaters they would just end up halfway done and then they would sit for 5 or 6 years before I'd get around to finishing them...or not.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Starting and Finishing

My friend is so close to finishing the Sew Liberated Apron that I've been helping her with. She'll finish up the bias binding at home. Look how nice it turned out!! The other side is a nice rich brown color. (I didn't get her permission to put her face on my blog, I hope it's alright that I put her body on it.)

Seeing her apron makes me want to make another one exactly like hers!

The gift group I'm starting will start with b-day crowns. I've never made one, so I played around with felt while my friend was working on her apron. Super J's birthday is next month so I started with his crown. Not sure I really like it. It's a good thing I started a couple of weeks before teaching the class!

Super J started and finished his pin project. I'm always finding myself saying things I never thought I'd say. Like today when I told him to put on his shoes and he could come back and play with the pins. You should know this was a lot less dangerous than what he wanted to do which was sticking the pins into the crown as I was sewing it in a super strong machine.

Super L also started and finished a project. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but she worked on it for 3 1/2 hours. I think it maybe a castle of some sort? She says I can take a picture of it when she's done. (She took the pic. herself, it is her creation after all :) )

Good News

The good news: Super J doesn't use diapers and loves his underwear!!! YAY
The bad news: Super J doesn't use the potty and I think the house may be starting to smell. BOO

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Have We Been Up To?

Let's start with Valentines.

Look all the sweet presents from my family.

This is a craft apron going to a girl who participated in a swap with me. (I've had it done for a while and will send it soon). I hope she likes it.

The next two pictures are of birthday presents. Super L picked out fabric for the letters.
The pillow case was for a boy who is active in all sorts of sports. You can't tell from the pic. but one of the fabrics has hockey stuff on it and another has bowling pins/bowling balls. (I spelled his name wrong, luckily I only had to add an extra T ).

Super L and I made this doll from Stitched in Time. I'm not sure if I like it, but Super L was so excited to give this gift! She stuffed the legs and arms and helped pick out the hair. She really wanted to keep this doll, but she also really wanted to give this special doll to her friend.

We stuffed this little doll into this cute bag that looked like a purse.

I don't have a picture, but I also hemmed two pairs of pants for a young missionary.

I am teaching a friend how to make this Emmeline Apron. Here's mine.

Here's the other side.

Super A went with Super L to her school's Sleepy Read. It was a little sad, (for everyone else that is) to be the only homeschooled child there to win one of the three door prizes.

And last, Super S was selling personal potato stamps for 25 cents. Interested? We were!

It's hard work getting the cuts just right.

Here's my personal stamp. Now everyone in the family will know who this note is from. oooohh, I've just had a great idea for a Christmas presents!!

So, this is what we've been up to. What have you been up to?