Friday, March 13, 2009


Super J has been spending a lot of time here.

And our house is definitely starting to smell. We are running out of clothes because all I do is wash Super J's clothes.

We made these cool playdough cookies today. I was totally inspired from another blogger. I wish I could remember who that blogger was. If it was you feel free to say so! Here's the recipe.
Ours look nothing like the recipe's, but what we truly make with playdough (except for mine, I tried to make it look like the recipe, because that's how creative I am with playdough).

This pic. is of the stuff Super A made. The thing in front is a bow and arrow. The ball at the end of the arrow will explode into fire when it hit's it's target. The thing just behind the arrow is the guy that shoots the arrow. I don't know if it uses it's arms or legs for shooting.

Here are pictures taken after I put Super A in charge of taking pictures of the cookies.

That's pizza on her face. We had just eaten lunch.

The flour we used for the cookies.

Cookies going in. You can also see from this picture our top secret pizza sauce recipe. Shhh... and how often I clean the oven. Again shhhh...

I guess there was other stuff on the table? Oh wait, that's the floor.

A pot? Hmmm...that has nothing to do with the cookies.

And what the heck is this???? I didn't even know we owned something this shade of yellow! If you know what it is you win a prize!! But since your answer will be non-verifiable we won't actually be responsible for sending you a prize. Seriously though, don't let this stop you from guessing.

I am racking my brain as to what this is.....

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