Thursday, April 2, 2009

Super A’s Rust Experiments

Rust Experiment #1:

We wanted to know how metal rusted so . . . we put nails in water, boiled water, oil and air.

After 48 hours the results were . . .

1 Nail in oil . . . No rust what-so-ever

2 Nail in water . . . Bottom of the jar was stained with rust and the nail had a little rust

3 Nail in boiled water . . . Some rust in water and the nail was really rusty

4 Nail in air . . . tiny bit of rust

Conclusions: Nails rust in contact with water and air. Oil may protect nails from rusting. Air may make nail rust because of water vapor in the air. Water makes nails rust given enough time.

Experiment #1.5:

We wanted to know if vinegar would take the zinc off of a galvanized nail. We soaked the galvanized nail in vinegar until it stopped bubbling (it took a while before it started bubbling). Then we put the pre-soaked nail and a galvanized un-soaked nail in water.

Results: After 24 hours

1 Galvanized nail pre-soaked in vinegar: Is rusting.

2 Galvanized nail not soaked in vinegar: not rusting.

Conclusions: Zinc came off of the nail soaked in acid. Zinc is a very good way to prevent nails from rusting.

Experiment #2:

We wanted to know if oil would prevent a nail from rusting and if salty water would make a nail rust faster. We put a nail in oil that was floating on top of water, with part of the nail in water and part in oil. We put another nail in salty water (water mixed with 1tsp of salt) and a third nail in plain water.

Results . . . come back tomorrow.