Saturday, July 17, 2010

Epic Trip

We started planning this trip with just wanting to get out and visit our Grandmothers and other family, but it soon morphed into an Epic journey of crossing the United States.

We started this journey at the Puget Sound. Eventually we'll get to the Rhode Island Sound, so instead of going ocean to ocean, we're going sound to sound.

The kids actually started the journey about two hours before we left.  They were so excited they sat in the car, waiting for us to be ready and eating half the candy we had been saving for our trip.

Just traveling 9 hours from our home we saw mountains, plains, deserts, lakes, rivers, gorges, more mountains. It was amazing how fast the scenery changed. 

We stopped here by the Colombia Gorge for lunch.  We got out of the car and the first thing we saw was sign saying watch for rattlesnakes.  We braved the rattlesnake infested area and hiked all the way up to these statues. 

It was a little scary on the way up.  The ground was rocky/sandy.  It was even scarier on the way down.

After this picture was taken, Lura jumped off the rock, losing her balance and almost fell down the cliff.  It was a looooooooooooonnnngggg way down.

Everyone made it up there. Sam stopped a quarter of the way up because he didn't want to see the horses and it was really, really hot. (We were shocked by how hot it was, just 1 hour before we had stopped at a fruit stand and it had been nice and cool, perfect weather).  Sam eventually made his way up, but only because he demanded to know why it was taking us 20 min.

We made it to Missoula last night and will spend the next couple of days in Yellowstone.

Friday, May 21, 2010

My one talent

My only true talent is braiding hair. I have three boys and a little girl who doesn't like braids.  Bummer.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Helpful Info for the Greek Hero

"If you are a Greek hero be warned there are no happy endings for you. You really have to be warned there really are almost no happy endings for Greek heros." - Super A

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Been a While

It's been a while since we had a good working camera. I'll have to update our life in a blur later in exchange for this post which will feature Super L's special surprise that I've been working on a couple of min. here and there.  I finished it Sat.

Here's the back

I wanted to add a video of the twirl factor, but Blogger has changed it's format and I can't find a video symbol.

I used  Sewing Clothes Kids Love To Wear by Nancy Langdon.
This is not a dress to put together in an afternoon.  It's a dress that takes a couple of days, so be prepared.  Love the results though and Super L does too.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Super L's First Day of School

The new backpack (Aunt Sarah must be jealous).

The long walk to the bus stop

Waiting (the bus was 15 minutes late)

Getting off the bus after a great first day.

Super L says, "My first day of school was great. I learned the stuff that my teacher knows is dangerous like sticking scissors in your mouth. Making friends is easy all you have to do is say hi and talk to people."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting Ready for School

We're preparing a study area for school.

We still have some work to do . . .

We'll get some stools, lights and maybe a small desk for Joshua.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ape Caves

We went to the Ape Caves. Super A says, "I forgot, all about the Ape Caves. I was so disappointed that there were no man eating apes, to feed Samuel to. I went through a narrow cave and saw a cavern at the end.

(the picture makes it look bigger than it was)

"Only super S and I could fit back here. I wish super L was here."

Super S Says"I made to the very end of the cave and it was tiny.

"The cave was dark and cold, very cold. Also little drops of water, actually big drops of water, kept falling on my head. (but there were no giant fish)"

Super L says, "This little hole was the littlest hole. Last year I was 6 and I could barely fit through the hole. This year was the greatest year meeting new friends. At the big cave it was good, a couple drops fell on me. I tripped and fell, but I am OK. That cave had a small tunnel at the end but I didn't get to see it. "

Super J has nothing to say but this is what he looked like while he was playing in the small tunnel that is a lava casting of a fallen tree. . . .

Here is a picture of all of us.