Sunday, February 15, 2009

Smoking, Whisky and Wild Wild Women

Friday night the boys had a couple of their buddies over for games and a movie. They decided to watch an old Pink Panther movie on netflix. We love netflix and have, at the moment, the Muppet Show with Peter Seller. We thought we would watch the Muppet Show first as a "short" before the real movie. Well....guess what Peter Sellers sings about, any of you remember? Watch this and you'll know what I was feeling when I turned and looked at the boys who were watching intently. Yep, cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women. Do you think anyone's parents will let them come back?


Spencer said...

Ahh, Peter Sellers. Did you ever read anything about his life? He was one crazy guy... but great in the Pink Panter movies!!

I'm sure the other parents won't mind... until one of their kids starts singing the song! :)

jimbo said...

WOW, I remember that song from the old Muppets show, and now it's going round in my head...Cigareetes (don't forget the long e) and whisky and wild, wild women, they'll drive you crazy, they'll drive you insane...and then the banging of the big bass drum. Perhaps my favorite Muppet show memory.

Thanks for reminding me of that!

sarah said...

i would say if they don't let their kids return...they are not ready to be friends with the Super Family of Monkeys. and they don't know you very well.
i need your advice on a sewing project and am thinking of a way to bribe you over to my house. i thought of kidnapping someone so you would have to come get them... but that could back fire on me.
give me a call or email i emailed you all about it. thanks for having a blog (i am home all day with a injured back)

sammon said...

How about today around 1ish? Check your e-mail.:)