Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goodwill Addict

After finding my new (to me) Kitchenaid, I've become a Goodwill Addict. I find the best kitchen stuff there. While others are worried about a Depression I keep spending money at a good clip at Goodwill. (I console myself by reminding myself that I've never been a shopper or a big spender.) I've decided I'm done now. I must never go in there again (at least for the next couple of months) Here's what I've found in the last week.

Crockpot $3.00.
I was sitting with too older women while they discussed slow cookers about a year ago. They praised their little old crockpots. They talked about how their food never tasted burnt and always came out tasting great. They had both had new crockpots in the last few years and ended up giving them to their daughter-in-laws, because thier food always tasted burnt. food always tastes burnt. Even though my big crockpot says it has a low and a high setting, I don't believe it. I think it only has one setting, high. So, for three buckaroos I got myself a little old crockpot. I made a roast with it yesterday. The roast turned out so-so, but I don't think it was the crockpots fault. This big 9lb. roast was mostly fat. It was soooooo fatty that I could feel my arteries clogging as I shredded it for bbq-ed beef. No kidding! As I was checking on the slowcooker, throughout the day it had liquid bubbling up out of it. This liquid turned out to be fat that solidified onto my counter as it cooled. Didn't taste burnt though so two thumbs up!

Pyrex bowels $6.00
I think I overspent. I was pretty sure these were a pair, but the girl rang them up separately, I should have said something, but come on I just got the deal of the century with the kitchenaid and thought I'd cut them some slack. (But that's the last time cutting slack.) I do like them and have needed some nice big bowls. We've used them almost everyday since I've bought them.

Colander $4.00
Again kind of a lot, but I have seen these nice strainers for a good amount retail. We really needed a nice big one. We have a yucky plastic one that loses quite a bit of spaghetti every time we use it for pasta . Another plus, I love the color!

I now have the colander and the bowls displayed on my garden window in the kitchen. I think they look pretty there. (A whole heck of a lot better than the dead fly I found while wiping it down in preparation for putting up something pretty!)

I would show you but I can't get the blogger picture thingy to pop up.

In other news there is no way I'll be getting the doll done for Super L's birthday, so I told her we would work on it in the coming months together. I do have the totally synthetic inside of the head made up. (Again I would show a pic. but blogger seems to be having a problem.) The kind of doll Super L and I want to make is similar to the waldorf dolls. Waldorf dolls are made out of all natural stuff, the inside is stuffed with wool and the outside is made from cotton knit. Do you know how hard it is to find wool?? Really hard, at least for me. I've checked craigslist and online. All the places I found would sell you the raw unwashed wool, which I take to mean, it would need to washed and carded before I could use it. I don't have a carder! Although my grandma does, or she used too, but she lives way across the country so that's a no go. Oh well, I suppose I'm okay with totally synthetic. I don't really have the money to spend on it anyway....*sigh* especially since I've spent almost every dime at Goodwill.


cjoy said...

In my new yarn addiction, I recently ran across a place in Oregon or Washington that makes their own yarn--from scratch, so to speak, since they have the sheep. That was fascinating to me. Is that the kind of place you've checked?

sarah said...

ok that's it we have to go to your goodwill! i love the bowls and i was thinking you got a great deal! i am not going to steal anything from your house, i promise ;0

sammon said...

cjoy, I think that's the kind of place I need. Do you remember where it was?


cjoy said...

I think I can find it, or one like it...if you want to email me at, I'll send you a few links!