Saturday, September 13, 2008


I learned how to needle tat a couple of months ago. It is not that hard. I really enjoyed it! It takes a special needle that is almost like a sewing needle, but for two major differences. 1. the needle is the same size all the way across, meaning it doesn't increase in diameter towards the eye of the needle. 2. It is dull where a sewing needle is sharp.

I just used a regular embroidery needle to tat. It really hurt! I kept poking my fingers and sticking the needle up through the skin of my finger. I didn't make anything huge just a little ring with picot edge. I would have made something bigger if it wasn't for that sharp point.

I'd show my work, but have no idea where I put it.

I've looked for tatting needles in all the regular places, you know Joann's. Michael's. That's about it for the craft stores here. I have looked online, but shipping seemed to cost more than then the needles. (Can anyone bring themselves to pay more in shipping than they do for the actual product???)
So here I sit, while I could be tatting, well not really..... I have kids coughing over everything, undone dishes from quickly going to the beach last night and not cleaning up, sand everywhere, laundry needs to be folded and 2 two year olds fighting and crying over what the other has. So, no I wouldn't be tatting right now. Oh yeah, I need to make or go buy a wedding present, and make a nursing cover to hand over to the head of the Super Saturday commitee for a class I'm teaching in Oct. Nope wouldn't be tatting today. Maybe I'll quickly get the kids dressed and go garage saling. Yeah, I have time to do that.......

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