Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sassy Apron Swap Received

Look at the super cute apron I received from Nichole , It has snowmen pockets with a purple twirly fabric for the apron on one side and twirly purple pockets and snowmen fabric for the apron on the other. How cool is that? I love this Apron!!! I'd like to know how Nichole knew that my house, after November, is full of snowmen, and how did she know that I've had this exact pattern in and out of internet carts for the past 6-7 months (maybe longer, I really love this pattern!!!At least I think it's the same pattern,, Is it the Scalloped Apron Pattern? ) How lucky am I??? I am soooo lucky!!

Nichole, I love this apron!! Super L (my little girl) Thought it only fair that if I got the apron she should have the potholder, no deal, she then said that we could share the potholder, that sometimes she could use it and sometimes I could....hmmm... I could do that. (She's not allowed in the oven, by the way). You did such a nice job! I love it!! And will be using it alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank-you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) If you haven't received your apron I hope you get it soon!