Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Okay, so I just figured out how to look at my stats. It seems a lot more people have checked out my blog than I thought, but guess what....apparently I have the plague (or am the most boring blogger on Earth) because most new, who I do not know, people stay for less than 5 sec. That's right 5 sec... and never return. (Or haven't yet) How can that be? Did you just make a wrong turn somewhere in blogland? And you quickly had to turn around?? Don't you like to look at my cute children??? Don't you like to read about early morning newspaper routes and how we wash clothes by spraying them off in the backyard??? Or the deal of the century??? Or wait, all my grammatical errors and words forgot to delete?? Noooooo???!!!!

Well if that doesn't excite you, Super S has a real treat coming up. Bionicle stop animation,(Is that what it's called) hopefully it will also have something to do with Mudlantis. Surely, surely you can stay for like, let's randomly say...hmmm...7 sec. 'cause there's no way that the stop animation movie will be longer than that!!! So... stay for 6, or 7 sec next time, hopefully we'll have something more exciting for you.

Hope you all know I'm just kidding...ummm about everything. I'm not totally sure that we can get the stop animation to work and even if we did....really would it be any longer than 5 sec. :)

Feel free to comment..or not. (Thanks Becky in advance. You know, for commenting. :) )


märia said...

Yeah mine has the 5 secs or less too, I don't have a clue what that means. But seriously, I just put you in my feedreader, so if you're like, hey Märia's not visiting, I am.

cjoy said...

Hmmm...well, I've stopped by a couple of times and stayed longer than 5 secs to read a handful of posts, so I'm guessing that's not me. :)

(I'm a good lurker, though. =D )