Friday, December 26, 2008


We are amazed at the things Joshua can do. For a child who 's supposed to have some mental retardation and some kind of cerebral palsy, this kid is amazing! The only real concerns we've had is his speech. He is an extremely quiet kid. He's been in speech therapy for a while and is progressing slowly. This week though he has exploded with sentences. We still have to listen really hard to know what he's saying, but hey...progress. We thought you'd like a video of him. Right before this video he was singing about how his hoo hoo hrain (choo choo train) was ready to go. He loves to sing! We are truely the luckiest family on earth!!


jimbo said...

I hadn't seen Josh for a month or so, and I was very impressed by his progress. I think he's made some really big steps lately.

Becky Jensen said...

he is a miracle! we are Blessed to have him in our family!