Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I woke up at 6 this morning to Super A throwing-up. If Super A had one power it would be the power to throw-up on everything. His bed, the floor,his brother's bed, sheets, blankets, the other side of his room, under his bed, on the ladder and railing from his bunkbed. He did all of this while being in one spot. He did not even try to get to the toliet. He did not even move from the top of his bed. It's truly amazing.

While cleaning up the floor, ladder, railing, etc. I hear Super L yelling from the next room, "I saw a mouse, I saw a mouse. It touched me AAAAAHHHHHH" She comes running into her brother's room screaming there was a mouse.

What ensued next was/is a mad frenzy of getting rid and cleaning up a bunch of stuff. I even heard mention that parents may be so stressed out that Christmas may be cancelled. (Super Dad explaining to Super S why he should help clean up) Hah!!! As if! I didn't stay home from Disney World just to have Christmas cancelled, (athough we have one mnore person who hasn't had the flu yet so maybe Christmas will have to be postponed....NAAHHH). (I have been trying to get rid of stuff for a long time, but my time is split between homeschool, housework, RS, dinner, lunch, breakfast, and appointments for Joshua, so sometimes tryng to clean up and get rid of the extra stuff in this tiny house is a bit frustrating.)

Yes I love the holidays.... (okay, I really do love the holidays but....good grief).

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Becky Jensen said...

wow, sounds like a fun day! Luke was throwing up on sunday. not fun.