Saturday, December 13, 2008

Being Released

Last Sunday the Stake Pres. announced that the three wards in our building are going to be switched around. The Relief Society President from our ward is moving over to a different ward, which means I'll probably be released from my calling as first counselor (in charge of teachers and the Sunday lessons). I'm happy and sad about this. Happy 'cause I hate meetings, and calling people and stuff like that, and sad because I just got some really great training and learned what I was really supposed to be doing. Super Dad keeps telling me I haven't been released yet so I should stop worrying about it. (Yep, just call me a whiner).

So what about that drawing class? Haven't even looked into it.
So, how's that for all that whining I did a couple of weeks ago?

Now I'm off to finish the white elephant gifts for my MIL Christmas party.

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Märia said...

I had no idea, my parents didn't tell me. Our wards got moved around about 20 months ago. It was interesting. A little weird at first, but then you get use to it. Good luck.