Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things I wish I had to make cooking multiple meals easier and faster. (Mostly faster).
2 or 3 smaller cookie sheets (to fit in freezer)
2 0r 3 more 9X13 glass dishes
2 gallon freezer bags
food processor
snacks and movies for kids
another old crockpot
One more large pyrex bowl
containers that can be used in the freezer and oven.

I'll keep my eye out for these things at Goodwill.

Things I wish I had done
counted up all recipes that needed cooked chicken and cooked it the night before.
Emptied out freezers before cooking
Don't buy bread until all meals are cooked.
redo how I organize meat not yet cooked in the freezer

Oh yeah, did I mention I also made yogurt yesterday too. We love yo-cheese, we substitute it for cream cheese. I'm hoping to learn how to make mozzarella in the future.

Now I feel like I'm behind in homeschooling for taking the last day or two to make meals, but I think in the long run it will free up lots of wasted time, worrying and trying to find ingredients for dinner.

At least, 6 more meals will be added today. I'll need to rearrange the freezer before I can fit any more meals in it.

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sarah said...

i found 2 large pyrex bowls this weekend. if you don't mind the color red one of them is yours if you still need one. it was a super deal at 5o% off $3.99. we went to your goodwill.
happy day