Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preparatory work

I told myself that I would try to do 15 min. of work on the couch a day. I may have to extend the time. Once I get going I want to finish the job I started.

My first project was to remove the skirt. I used this tool (I don't know what it's called) that is used for pulling staples out of the floor (you now for when you redo your flooring.) It was pretty handy. If I could get the staples out just a little with a screw driver, I could rock the rest of the staple out with the curved part of this tool. I think it took me about 45 min. to get the skirt off.

Can you see the white spots? I think it may be some kind of mildew or mold. The whole skirt is spotted with it. I wonder what I'll find underneath the main body fabric.

Here's me taking off the back of the skirt, half way done.

Done. Here's the back of the couch. Look how much better the back fabric looks!! It looks new.

Here's the front. Hmmm...maybe I will keep the wings. I think it will look pretty cute once I'm done. I'm not convinced that the navy blue microsuede that I bought, to redo a couch a couple of years ago, is really the right style for this couch, but that's what I have. Can't you just see a sweet gathered skirt? I don't think the microsuede will gather. I can just imagine one of those new designer fabrics like Amy Butler's or Anna Corner's fabrics on this couch. On the other hand, a nice neutral will always go with different designer pillows. (Less expensive too.)

Next the back will come off. Then I'll be able to see what innards need to be replaced. I'm thinking just batting will need to be replaced (judging by the smell.)

Oh just so I remember the skirt was 65" in front + about 4" for folding the edges and 33" on the side.

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