Monday, October 6, 2008

Hope they don't come take them away

I have to tell you this while I'm thinking of it. Let me preface, I have some pretty imaginative kids, past teachers have said unusually imaginative (meaning immature, but whatever, they're kids!)

So my BIL is taking some classes to become a counselor and needed to have some pictures done by children. He had to have certain things in the pictures. I think they were a house, a tree, and something your family does together.
When I heard this I said, "So he wants us to find some kids?" (We know lots of kids) Super Dad replies that our kids are going to draw the pictures, except for Super J who just scribbles. I said it couldn't be done, There was no way our kids wouldn't draw something weird. Us as aliens, or monkeys flying out of the sky or...I don't know, but there was no way. Super Dad called the kids in from playing outside and tells them what to do and that I said it couldn't be done and to prove me wrong. So they start to draw and every once in a while you'd hear a giggle, giggle. Obviously these pictures were good and funny!!

Super A finishes first and runs over to show me his pictures. (Wish I had taken a pic. David maybe you can get one for me,) He proves me wrong. He draws a picture of the family together, doing something. Can you guess what we were doing? Hah, you'll never guess. Go ahead try. Nope. Nope. Nope. Do you want to know?? He draws his family standing around the living room watching paint dry. Yep, we watch paint dry as a family, cause you know, we just paint our rooms around here all the time, for fun, just to watch paint dry. And it doesn't end there cause there is one of us not standing around watching paint dry. It's Super J. He's actually flying (actually shooting, because there are flames coming off his legs) off into space, presumably to find a family that is more fun than ours. And then on the other side of the paper he draws a tree which if I remember right was growing out of his body, with a house about to fall on him. Hmmm were's Super J when you need him?

Super S' is quite a bit better at least he drew us at the zoo, with only the elephants escaping and pure pandemonium about to ensue when we all realize that we are about to be trampled.

After looking at those pictures, I can't remember what Super L drew. I think it had something to do with rainbows. It must have been a little weird (not as weird as her brothers) because I insisted on Super Dad giving his brother Super J's drawings which are just scribbles that Super J tells me, after he draws them, are ice cream and trains and planes and cows and doggies. NORMAL stuff.

I'm sure they'll be taking those pictures apart piece by piece, really trying to understand why it is that Super J is big while Super Dad is itsy bitsy and just why Super Mom is standing so close to the wall, while it's drying. Let's just hope Freud doesn't come up in the discussion.

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sarah said...

that is so funny!
i love your kids
i am happy to be their aunt
and you can't blame this on me
unless they have tattoos....