Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Swap disaster

Here's my preliminary placemat for the swap.

It's much cuter in person. It is green twill on this side with a strawberry pattern and blue jean on the other. I'm not sure that I like how crooked it is, although it's not as noticeable on this side as it is on the other.

You can see just how crooked it really is. I'm not sure what happened. I am usually so careful when cutting out. I think the fabric may have stretched out quite a bit while rotary cutting.

My choices thus far are:
1. Try to straighten it up.
+ I don't lose all that machine
embroidery that I spent the last
month on.
- I lose sizing.
2. Keep the front and go get fabric for
new back
3. Scrap it all and go get new fabric that
won't stretch at weird angles.

What do you think?

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