Thursday, June 19, 2008

Working on SWAP

I let my kids have the week off of school. We'll start again Mon. Maybe Tues. since Monday is Super A's birthday. This means that I can focus on the SWAP or cleaning my house or looking at the internet, because my foot hurts,'cause I think I might have a planters wart on it. (It really, really does hurt!! But I don't want to drive all the way to my doctor 20 min. away, pay my co-pay, and then be told to go get the medicine over the counter.)

My placemats are comin' together. I haven't been able to get to know the person I'm sending my placemats and napkins too very well, so I hope (crossing my fingers) that she likes what she gets!!!

So, for the sake of the person sending me placemats,(because I'm so nervous about sending my placemats out) I just want you to know I'll LOVE ANYTHING you send!!! My everyday plates are white from Ikea, and my house is multi-colored, from baby blue walls to apple green. I just hung up the Alexander fruit fabric in blue in my kitchen window.

I also just made myself an apron with browns and aquas.

Oh, and one in goldy-yellow and green.
I L O V E Colors any kind. Doesn't matter!! I'm just excited to get a package in the mail!

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