Sunday, June 1, 2008

Super J has either a sinus infection or allergies. I stayed home from church because every time I looked at him he had gads of snot running into his mouth. It was really gross. I couldn't send my little boy into nursery like that. Plus he slept terrible last night and Super Dad and I knew he would get a better, much needed nap with everyone gone. I'm definitely taking him to the Doctor tomorrow. I won't leave until the Dr. gives me antibiotics or allergy meds.
Would you like to see what I've been doing the last two days? Here it is.... LAUNDRY!!!
(Pretty brave airing my dirty, I mean clean laundry, huh?)

These days laundry makes me want to cry. I find clean clothes on the laundry room floor, on the kids floor and in the hallway dirty from being stepped on. They are the same clothes over and over. I think the kids throw them out of their dressers or knock them off their hangers trying to get to the clothes that are comfortable or have some cool pic. on them.

Why, I ask you, do I keep all of these clothes if they don't wear them and I have to keep washing them over and over and over? It drives me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, here is my solution. Everyone gets 4 short sleeve shirts, 4 long sleeve shirts, 4 pants, 4 shorts and church pants and a long and short sleeve shirt for church. This list looks a little long to me, but I think it will be the right number of clothes.

As of right now, I have two very full bags to take to Goodwill and one very full bag to give to my SIL for hand-me-downs. I still look around me and want to cry. It doesn't seem like I've really diminished the mountain of clothing. You saw the picture. I still have clothes in the dryer, odds and ends on the floor. (I made the kids go get every stitch of clothing to be washed and put away or gotten rid of. I'm not so sure that ways a good idea.) At this point I wish I had taken everything to the laundry mat. I could have been done in just a couple of hours and gotten rid of the clothes we didn't want in one fell swoop. Oh well, live and learn, I'm sure that eventually I'll have to do this again. SIGH


Becky Jensen said...

I hate laundry too!! It's a good idea to limit the amount of clothes they have. we are really looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

DCDocumentaries said...

hey saw the laundry, it reminds me of days of old when I was the mom and now just the grandma it seems life like that went by to quickly. I love you all The MOM and Grandma