Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Swap is in the Mail!!!

I'm all done! The last three weeks have been crazy busy! The first thing I started this month was the swap placemats and the last thing I did this month was the swap placemats.

I am so glad they are done! I hope my swap partner loves them! I did want to add a table runner, but with having to start all over again, I just didn't have time. Oh well. I do think it was worth starting over I like these so much better!

They're not perfect but done!! What a relief!! I was surprised at how stressed I was picking fabric and such. I was paralyzed. My swap partner said her kitchen was muted red, orange, green, blue with black and white. I'm not exactly sure what muted colors are. That really stumped me. So I sent an e-mail back, but didn't hear back 'till just a couple of days before the swap was over. *sigh* I hope she still likes them! I was thinking you couldn't go wrong with strawberries and daisies in the middle of summer.

This project was a big pain in the beeeeehiiiiind!! !I do wish the book would have had the yardages or the amount of fabric needed for the projects. That would have made things a lot easier. When I started figuring out how much yardage I needed I was shocked...shocked by how much fabric I needed!!

I think the grid on my cutting board is off. My rectangles look so crooked, but when I place them back on the grid they are right on. I took a lot of time trying to get the placemats more square. I did an okay job, but again not as nice as I would've liked. At some point, you just have to send what you have and chock it up to experience!

It may be time for a new cutting board, but they are really expensive and the one I use is only about 2 years old, maybe less and I bought a big one. I think that was a big part of the frustration for me! I should not have had screwy rectangles.

Alright, I'm done complaining now. I am now wondering if I cut all my threads off. I'm not sure that I did. I was so busy Monday trying to get the swap finished and having to do a bunch of other things that day that I'm now wondering if I got everything cut off. If I didn't ( and there's a good chance I didn't) please swap partner forgive me!!!!

On to other subjects Super Dad and I are holding our first ever Science Camp next week. We are soooooo excited!! We'll be playing with rockets, helium,balances, graduated cylinders. We are going to have a great time!!!


barninthewoods said...

I just realized you are not my sister in law. I love what you did. Gorgeous.
I am finishing my napkins today. I am feeling better about what I have. Mine are very lopsided too, but hey they are homemade right. Reminds us they were made by the imperfect beautiful people that we are.
Good luck with your science camp...sounds like fun.

Becky Jensen said...

I think they turned out great!! we sure had fun at your place last weekend. we need to set up a time to go to the aquarium!