Sunday, July 13, 2008

Couch Love and Hate

This is my living room. Don't mind the mess, I made the kids move out of the picture so I could take it. I love this sectional. I got it from an Ikea garage sale thing a couple of years ago. It fits really well in this small living room. It also goes really well in the garage that was converted into a family room before we bought the house. I love it!

This is what's in the family room now. It's a well made hand-me-down, it's comfortable, has down feathers, my mom is allergic to it , it's to big for my house (it's a very large sofa)and has looked like this for the three years. Yes, you heard me right, albeit it's been in different stages these three years, and it's not like I wasn't really busy with a horrible pregnancy, baby in the hospital and homeschooling two boys and entertaining a child who should've gone to kindergarten (missed the cut off day by a couple of days) and a toddler.

When I began the holes in the cushions weren't that big and every cushion had a cover. Now I'm missing one cover and the holes are getting pretty large.

No more. I want to get rid of it. I don't care that it is a good couch with good bones. I don't care that it can be reupholstered, (obviously not by me) I don't care anymore that I've bought it two sets of fabric to make it work, because it would be cheaper to fix it than buy a new couch. I don't care!!! I just don't want to look at it anymore!!I just don't want to feel guilt about it anymore!!! I want it out of my house!! And just so you know, I've been feeling this way for a while! I just can't make it work! There are a lot of things that I can make work, but I can't make this work, just can't do it, and don't want to try anymore. I want it outttttt!!!!

If any of you want it feel free to say so and come get it! Just leave a comment and it's yours!! I'll save it for you instead of tricking someone to help me put it in my friend's dumpster if she has room.

I remember my grandma once told me that she took a summer and reupholstered a couch and by the time she was done she wished she had just bought a new one. At least she finished it!!


Spencer said...

I'll take it! ;o)

Spencer said...

Maybe Mom can reapolster it without the down feathers! Just bring it with you when you come down to Florida!

sammon said...

Maybe when she reupholsters it, on her vacation no less, she can also chop off part of it to make it smaller and she can add a hide a bed, cause we all know that whatever mom puts her mind too, she finds a way to do it.