Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day Lily

Do you see this lily? This lily was given to my MIL, by my aunt, after our first born son passed away. My aunt gave one to us, but we were college students and our apt. was tiny, and this flower, while really pretty, is extremely stinky! We ended up throwing it away after a month or two, because it was a stinky reminder that everyone around us had beautiful children and we had nothing.

My MIL planted it in her front yard and when she moved she dug it up and put it in a pot. Every year we couldn't believe that it kept coming up. Last year she insisted on us taking this plant home. Super Dad took a couple of the corns (really small bulbs) and planted them in other places. Some of them bloomed this year and some of them are too small and will bloom next year.

What really surprised us is that in years past the lily always bloomed white and it usually bloomed in April right around Easter, but this year (it was a cold, rainy spring) it didn't start blooming till the beginning of July and the first blooms, bloomed this beautiful dark pink color, the later blooms a lighter pinkish/white. They are gorgeous!!! And instead of a terrible stinky reminder of something we had not, it is now a reminder of the kindness of my aunt and many others who showed kindness to us in that time, and the care that my MIL took in taking care of this beautiful plant, waiting for the time when we could love and appreciate this beautiful flower.

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