Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Burial Dress

This is my second little burial dress within a week. The Relief Society President knew I had just made one and asked me to make another just in case the little family did not have one. This is their first child. I started it late Monday night and finished it Tuesday morning. The Relief Society President told me yesterday they already had a dress for the little babe, so we'll put the dress I made in our RS closet as insurance that it won't happen again.:) I'll also be making a little boy outfit to put in there too.

My camera does not do this little dress justice. It is actually much prettier. My house gets terrible light.

I'm glad that I can make these dresses in hopes that it provides some comfort, but I think I'm done making these for people I know. It's just too sad. Brings my families past right up to the future. All I can see, while making these dresses, is Jonathon's birth, death and burial. And while I do think of all the good things, I think of all the sad and angry parts too. It's just to hard.

At least my next sewing project will be the full apron swap. Something fun is needed following these last two projects!!

On a happy note it's Super S' birthday and I'll have some pictures for later!

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jona said...

You are very sweet to bless a grieving family this way. My heart just goes out to them.