Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The State of Things

Here in the Northwest we have had some major layoffs, through Microsoft (1,400 people laid off to rise to 5,000 in coming months) Boeing (10,000 are supposed to be laid off) and Starbucks (I don't know if it was just here, it was probably all over the country). And it's not just these companies. I have friends who's husband's or wives are being laid off. They go in on Monday morning and go home a little while after.

How is the rest of the nation doing? I can't imagine that it's just us.

Well, we've been tightening the belt around here for a looooonnnngggg time, it feels like. Canceling cell-phones, (which we really only had because of Super J) going back to cheap landlines. No stopping at fast food (we really only did this about once a month, maybe). Baking my own bread or going without if we've run out and it can't be homemade. Trying to use every leftover (trying being the key word here, because sometimes I just forget what's in the fridge). Thinking maybe Netfix needs to go. (Shhh, don't tell Super Dad, he love Netflix!)

What are you doing? Give me some good ideas. (please)

We've been working on getting our credit cards paid off for a while, and I think that we will be seeing the end of the tunnel in a little less than a year (we hope) if all goes well. Just in time for us to pay for Super Dad's bachelor, master, and doctorate degree. We are a little worried, but hopeful that we will survive this period in time. Someday our children and their children will look back and draw strength from the courageous things we will do here and now.

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Becky Jensen said...

I know what you mean, i have had a couple friends husbands get laid off this week!! scary! Thanks for getting back to me, i know you've got a lot going on and frankly i should know when your birthday is!! LOVE YA!!