Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies

I never buy Girl Scout Cookies, but Super Dad used to buy three or four boxes. Since the prices have gone up, he buys less than he used too, sometimes just a box. He likes Girl Scout Cookies so I always feel bad when we can't get even one box. I found this really great site surfing blogs of blogs yesterday after school. It had several Girl Scout cookie recipes. Super A decided to make them for Family Home Evening. They are super good and surprisingly easy to make!! Thin Mints. They went pretty fast. Go make some right now! We'll be trying out the other Girl Scout recipes in the coming weeks. This site even has a recipe for vanilla wafers. I love the internet!

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cjoy said...

Wow...it even looks like I can make these allergy free for our allergy-laden family. That is something the girl scouts can't do since their things are cross-contaminated. Thanks so much!