Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spaghetti Dinner

Super A wanted spaghetti for dinner. So I googled Spaghetti Sauce Recipe and this is what I got;
Spaghetti Sauce Recipe . Well, that's actually the recipe we used, but if you click spaghetti sauce recipes they have a list of other recipes for different kinds of spaghetti sauces. If you go to the top and click on recipe network you get all sorts of different themes: chinese, sandwiches, apple pie, etc. We'll be trying a bunch of these recipes over the coming weeks, they look so good.

After looking at the recipe, I decided that Super A could make dinner. I cut up the onion and garlic. Super S ran out to the garden and picked some fresh oregano and thyme, (can't believe they're still alive it's been so cold), it wasn't quite enough so we put in the full tsp. of oregano. We didn't have green peppers, so we used some italian stewed tomatoes with green peppers. And because we had it, we also added 1/2lb. of sausage and 3 mushrooms. He stirred and added ingredients..Then let is simmer for 45 min. Piece of cake.

This recipe was delicious. It made enough for all of us,6, with a little bit leftover for Super Dad for lunch tomorrow, I think....might be close. The best thing about this recipe is that we have most of the ingredients around all of the time, and for just being regular ingredients, it was a yummy, yummy dinner. We decided as we were eating that Super A should be in charge of spaghetti from now on, because of course it's not just the recipe it's the cook that actually determines the yumminess of the dish.


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Becky Jensen said...


sarah said...

you guys forgot to call me!
i am making spaghetti for dinner so i think i will check out those recipes! thanks!

jimbo said...

There was some strange family spaghetti-vibe out there today. I was at Nathan's having pork, however. It was wonderful.

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