Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Color Blind

So, I have a brother that's color blind. I always wondered what he could see. I found this site through another blog. You have to put in your own digital photos. I couldn't get the cut and paste thing to work with blogger, but here are my thoughts on what I saw. First I used a photo with vibrant reds, greens and blues. Red turned out brown, green turned out brown, and blue was still a blueish. Okay so here are my thoughts, holy schmoly!!! I never knew how sickly we all look with out red and how in the world can my brother tell the difference between grass that's alive and grass that's dead just by looking out the window? It looks the same, people!

Go check out this site!


Becky Jensen said...

WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY??? AND WHEN IS YOUR ANNIVERSARY?? i have written a couple of e-mails that have gone unanswered and need to know so i can print this calendar for my mom!!! thanks thanks!! (I know i should probably know these things but my brain is full of other things right now!!)Love ya!!

Spencer said...

So I looked at the website... I have seen this type of thing before. I don't know that they have it exactly right but I suppose it's close. I keep thinking that if I look at the two versions of the picture that they should look the same to me... that's probably not true though. I uploaded a picture and could see a difference between the two.

A friend of mine in Optometry school told me they had a machine that would simulate color blindness... they way he explained it, I would look through an eye piece and match some colors up... then someone else could look through the eye pieces and see things the way I do. Either way, it's pretty interesting stuff.

sammon said...

There are probably degrees of color blindness, so it makes sense that it's not exact, but good grief, if this is close to what you see, or kind of similar.....sheesh!!!