Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2:30 in the morning

If you want to be exact this picture was actually taken at 3am. You can't see it, but Super J has a huge grin on his face, behind the pacifier. Ben went to wake up the two older boys at 2:30 and these two monkeys is what he got. They were so happy to be woken up (not being sarcastic!) There were some moments of heartbreak when L learned we would not be using our bikes to deliver the papers, but in all these two were very,very happy to be awake and going somewhere!

Can you see how happy they are? Crazy kids! Our fear is they will want to be awake at this time even after we stop the paper route!

Oh...I should tell you these pictures were taken in the dark. The flash really gives a lot of light!

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gay said...

Those are the most handsome kids I have ever seen