Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The end of January brought Super S' last derby race. His car is the one in the back. It's super thin, has two small fins and one gold fin on the back and a gold cockpit. This baby was built for good looks and not necessarily built for speed. Even so, it came in second in most of the races.

We are so lucky that we have three more years of derby racing!! Just as Super S graduates from cub scouts, Super A will be slipping in right behind. I LOVE DERBY NIGHT!!!!

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jimbo said...

When I was a Cubmaster, there was always a lot of work to do for derby day, and usually the day ended with unhappy adults (but with happy kids, which is what mattered). As a parent, I dreaded them, though, because I was and am a dreadful craftsman and the family pinewood cars were never great racing successes.